Father's Day 2011

We had a great Father's day this year.
I am so thankful that I have great dad's
to celebrate in my life.
I couldn't ask for Kennedy and Adelynn
to have a better daddy
and I think my dad is pretty awesome as well.

We started off the day making Dase a big breakfast.
When I asked him, he requested a big omelet & sticky buns,
so that's what we had.
Then it was time for presents.
Kennedy really wanted to get him
some neon rainbow swim trunks,
but I talked her into getting him some grey and black ones.
He thanked me.
She also wanted to get him a basketball movie,
but kept seeming to only find princess movies...
hmmmm...suspicious. : )
I reminded her that we weren't shopping for her.
You can't see it very well,
but the card has a drawing of Dasun in it,
complete with hairy legs (like sticks coming out of his legs).
I LOVE it...makes me grin every time I see it.

We also got him a day of fun with one of his buddies.
A day of golf (cart included) at a really nice course.
He was excited!
Then I told my dad to meet me and surprised him
with a Date night to see a baseball game.

This is the card I made him:

We don't get to spend time alone very often, so it's always fun.
He's such a fun dad.
We talked throughout the whole game.

We got pretty tickled at this... (poor guy)
and we had a great time!
He's the best. : ) ...so thankful. : )