Fun Reading Lessons -Getting Creative

So, my headstrong child and I sometimes clash.
Most of the time, we don't...
we love all of the same things,
we have a great time together,
and she just plain cracks me up.
However, teaching her is another story.
Yes, I am a teacher. Yes, I normally LOVE teaching
and yes, I have been able to teach some crazy kiddos
in my 10 years of teaching,
but this child is another story.
There's an emotional element that makes it
much harder when she's not "feelin' it".
She never acts like that for anyone else (lucky me),
so I know it's more emotional for her too.
Girls and MORE emotion = unpleasant

We have been really working on using what she knows
to begin reading and writing. She's such a smart girl and can do anything she puts her mind to, the only problem is, it has to be her mind that chooses it.
Don't get me wrong, she'll obey, but whining,
inattentiveness, and a pitiful attitude soon follow.
Then her mother's patience begins to unravel. ha!

I have been trying to find fun ways for us to do this
and this one was a BIG hit.
It helped that she was swinging during the whole "lesson".
She read every word I put out there
and I must have given her at least 10 different words.
I knew she could do it if she'd try.
I loved seeing her get so excited when she's figure it out.

I used our little stepping stones to write out letters:

Once she'd get it, we would CELEBRATE!,
and then I'd change one of the letters.

sometimes the first, sometimes the middle, sometimes the last.

Once she gets a little more comfortable with this,
I'll start putting blends ( sp-o-t).
Then I'll let her make words for me to read
and get a little writing practice in as well.
*As another fun reward, I sometimes draw a picture
of the word she just read, if she gets it right. She loves that.


Laurel said...

fun idea... and the whole concept of teaching one's own children, it is so different than teaching other children for some reason! I see how Benji has thrived in a public school environment learning from somebody OTHER than me. We have too much emotional baggage apparently...

mustard seed said...

a very creative idea!

It is definitely harder teaching your own child than someone elses! I worried about me and Z killing each other last year. I think having a teacher we were doing the work for really helped :)