Fun Visits with Family and Friends

We got to have a month full of visits from friends and family.
We of course didn't get pictures of every one, but here are a few
that we did manage to capture.

Our sweet friends The Rainers finally got to come visit us:

We also got to see some of out awesome California relatives
(minus their beautiful daughter Lindsey).
My Mom & Dad, James & Cindi, & our family

Playing a little Toss Up : )

We also got to have a visit from Dasun's brother
and sister-in-law and their 4 kiddos.

The kiddos sleeping "like sausages" as my mom would say.

We took them to the Farmer's Market
& too Mama Carmen's Coffee Shop

We also got some slip and slide and water rocket fun in

and roasted some 'mallows. : )