Our Big Girl

Well, there have been a lot of changes around here lately as our wee one grows up.
We moved her into a big girl bed.
That was a nervous move because
this girl gets into EVERYthing!
She keeps me on my toes constantly
and still manages to get into things
even when I am watching her.
So, to shut the door and sleep,
knowing she can get out was a little nerve racking. ha!
She did great!...for about 2 weeks,
then the ransacking of the room began.
Clothes, diapers, books, ...littered the floor.
She's doing better now (knock on wood).
Then because we are gluttons for punishment,
I decided to try to potty train her a little early.

This is before it was used, so don't freak out.
I handed it to her to talk about it and she immediately put it on her head.
I don't know if you remember when I potty trained Kennedy,
but she did the same thing! Too funny! Makes me so proud. ha!

She's only 22 months,
but Lora Jensen says that's the perfect time to potty train.
Lora was wrong. ha!
When I potty trained Kennedy at 25 months...3 days & done!
Adelynn on the other hand,
it's been 8 days since we started
and though she's improved a lot,
we're still having about 2 accidents/ day.
Much improved from the 9 accidents before nap
on the 1st day (oh the memories).
but I think she's just a little too young to get it
and the communication is harder too.
Probably depends on your kiddo.

Here are some pictures from the 1st day:

Look at that little hiney - love it! I also can't believe how big K is getting!

After we put her in big girl panties,
she went in and put on her rain boots...
a sign of things to come. ha!

And my favorite picture...

Love this crazy girl (and her crazy sister).