4th of July

We started off our 4th of July celebrations by going with some friends to their neighborhood fireworks show. It was a last minute thing, but I am glad we went. It was a great fireworks show and we ended up running into some other friends while we were there as well.
There's something so fun about sitting outside
and hanging out with some friends...
watching kiddos run around.
It's refreshing and something we don't do enough of.
I also got to try out my "fireworks" setting on my camera...

They turned out so well : )
For the actual 4th of July, my mom wanted
to try to have us over to their house,
but she started feeling even worse,
so we had it at our house.
I didn't find out until late the night before,
so I had some last minute decorations to come up with,
but I had fun improvising
and got to try some fun ideas I had found on the internet.
(the little sparkler sticks, medallion decorations on the chalkboard, and patriotic strawberries)
We didn't have the right things on hand, so we made do with what we had
(blue food coloring and sugar to make the blue sprinkles, scrapbook paper for the medallions, etc...
Not as grand but still fun and festive)

K helped me make the strawberries
("When can I eat one mama?")

My dad, Vanessa, and her boys came to celebrate with us.
My mom was planning on coming, but just couldn't.
I understood, but I was definitely disappointed and sad.
It's just not the same without her.
She would have loved the fun decorations.
She's usually out there dancing around with sparklers like a kid.

my cute hubby, my sister (visiting from China), and my sweet dad.
Dad, Adelynn, and Caleb (my sister's oldest)

Dasun and Luke
(Uncle Dasun is always a favorite on both sides of the family)

silly faces

my sister


Kendra said...

Aw Ash!! I saw Ashley Shaver but not you guys at the HM neighborhood fireworks!! That would have MADE my night. ;)