First Fracture

Adelynn tripped the other day while playing.
It wasn't even a big fall,
but I guess she caught herself in just the right way.
Afterwards, she was just acting really emotional
(crying when I'd walk away to get something,
whining about little things, etc...), so I just thought
she didn't get a good nap and was tired.
After dinner, I took her
to get her ready for an early bedtime.
I raised her arm to put her pj shirt on
and she belted out a scream.
I knew then, that she wasn't just tired.
I checked again a couple of times
and then headed to go get it x-rayed.
Sure enough...she had fractured both bones in her wrist.
Poor girl.
She'll have to wear this for a month,
IF she'll keep it on.
She's already figured out how to get it off
and has done so 5 times already!
I'm tellin' ya'...Houdini.
In the meantime, I think she's the cutest
cast wearing girl ever. : )


Lydia said...

bless her little heart!