Our little mess (-y girl)

Many of you have heard me tell you
what a mess Adelynn is.
Just about every day, I walk in to find that she has taken off
her diaper (sometimes scarier than others),
taken off her clothes, and ransacked her room.

Here are some examples:
This is how she looked when I woke her up the other day.
I couldn't help but get tickled
(one pig tail pulled out, shirt over her head, and rain boots on...nice!)
She gets in trouble every time,
then I talk to her about what no to do again
and she sweetly says, "O-tay mama, O-tay."
Yes. just like buckwheat. : )
She is a mess...literally.
Toilet paper, trash, my purse...
there's no safe place from this child.
She even gets out of a buckled seat of you aren't watching.
She wears me out,
but she is also very sweet, cuddly, and loving.
It's a good thing,
because it definitely helps fill me back up.
I LOVE you crazy girl...more than you know.