Random Fun Things

Kennedy wanted me to wear my hair the same as hers,
so I obliged.
It's crazy how similar our hair is. We really are twinkies. : )

We got to go see some of our sweet friends Sara and AJ (and their precious kiddos) the other night. It was so good to catch up and watch our kids play.
They loved holding hands and all jumping in at the same time.

Eating watermelon and learning how to spit out the seeds : )

My dad built a little rope swing.
It's just like the one he built for my sister
and I at our old farm house. It's perfect : )

Making some memory stepping stones for my mom
(or trying b/c apparently we are not smart enough to figure out the craft designed for children. ha!)


Joycee said...

How precious that you and Kennedy are "twinkies!" She is the spittin' image of you as a little girl Ashley. Amy and family were here a few days last week and I was telling her about your blog, should have taken the time to show her but you know how it is...never enough time. Reading your blog this morning, thinking about all that your Mom has went through these past two years. I can only imagine the toll it has taken on the whole family. She is an amazing woman with direction. God has given her strength through all of this and continues to bless her with wisdom. That trip means the world to her and she wants this for your family, you must follow her wishes if it's at all possible. We keep you in our prayers always...

A.J. Neufeld said...

i L-O-V-E Y your hair like that!!!!!!!!!! also, love that pic of our sweeties jumping into the pool. :) that was a fun night. love you.