Getting Ready & Excited! (+fun bow tutorial)

We've been busy trying to get ready for school.
I missed teacher in-service because of everything going on,
so I feel like I have been in constant catch up mode lately.
It's not only my first day of school,
but Kennedy starts Kindergarten too!!!

My friend Carrie and I wanted to make a first day of school
surprise for her daughter (K's best friend) & Kennedy.
We got some ribbon and made them some fun bows
(ad had a great time hanging out while we were at it). : )

They were so easy to make:
1. cut strips of ribbon & lay out a pattern.
2. tie each one onto a barrett one at a time (once).
3. start to tie it again, but stop mid way and put a little dab
of hot glue where the knot will be to hold the knot.
4. Trim the ends and singe them with a lighter.
Wala! New fun bow!
Then it was time to get organized for my at home days.
The school that we go to is a University Model school,
so it meets two days at school and then you have
review & work time on your at home days.

I don't have a room to do any type of "schooling" in,
so I was trying to find a small space solution for all of
her papers and assignments.

In the front:
I have the assignments she needs to complete for each day
Once she completes 3, she will get to have a 20-30 minute break.

In the back:
I will file all of the papers she brings home.
I am hoping this system works...we'll see.

I also got my little calendar drawn out...fun stuff. : )


Jenny said...

Your file box looks very similar to what we did at home last year (except cuter!). :) It worked great.

Chris and Carrie said...