$5 Tray to Chalkboard Project

My über creative friend Stacy Shankle is always
coming up with things that are adorable!
She put together a baby shower for a mutual friend of ours
and their were little touches of her creativity all over the place.
One of the things I noticed was a little chalkboard
with the cutest shape, with the baby's initials on it.
She said it was a plastic tray from Hobby Lobby,
that she just painted chalk paint on.
That's all she needed to say!
I printed off my 40% off coupon and head to Hobby Lobby.
I had a little something different in mind,
but I knew I loved the shape of it.
My plan for the tray changed a little when I
started redoing our bedroom.
My husband gave me the okay to get a new comforter,
so of course every thing else had to change to, right?
He's having a great time giving me a hard time about this.
Lucky for him, I am a bargain hunter,
so I'm trying to keep the spending as low as possible
and just doing things as we can
It's not done yet, but I'll post a progress picture soon. : )

I decided I wanted to add some yellow to our bedroom
which is a little risky for me. ha!
I taped of the center of the tray and painted the border,
let dry and painted 2 more coats.
Then I used an exacto knife to cut in between the tape
and paint so it would tear the paint off.

Then I painted 2 layers of chalkboard paint.
In hindsight, I should have sanded this before painting,
but it's mainly going to be decorative,
so it won't get a ton of use.

and "seasoned" it
(rub chalk all over, then wipe and repeat before using)

Bedroom Progress picture to some soon. : )


the boyd girls.... said...

this is super cute! This would be cute for the girls rooms too! :) Now, you have my ideas flowing! :) Hope you are good! :)

Jenny said...

So cool! I didn't know Stacy had the creative gene too. :) I also didn't know they made ACRYLIC chalkboard paint! So cool (I think I already said that). ;)