Daspri's 30th Birthday

In Dasun's family, we have a tradition of celebrating
30th birthdays with style.
Krys' - we took him skydiving with us (we were going for our 5th anniversary).
Dasun's Birthday- The siblings all went to Six Flags together
His brother Josh- They were going to send him to a Florida game,
but since they were already doing that,
everyone chipped in for an autographed Florida Gators ball.
And now the youngest, their sister Daspri, turned 30 as well.
So we decided to take her ziplining!
It was a little hard with the timing of everything else,
but it ended up being such a blessing of a day.
We had a great time together!
Dasun, Josh, Bryan, Daspri, Me, & Krys

There goes the birthday girl : )

and my crazy husband that was chomping at the bit to do this
BEFORE we were even trained in how to zip...insane.

Happy Birthday Daspri!