Fun With Papa

We've been trying to make sure we are getting plenty of
time with Papa. We try to get together every Wednesday
and on the weekend too if he doesn't have plans.
He has some precious friends that are super intentional
with him and planning lots of fun things to do with him,
so they are keeping him busy as well.
We are so blessed in the friendship department.

The other night we took him out to dinner,
thanks to some friends that gave us a gift card to Outback.
Afterwards, we had some awesome dancing on the porch.
The next Wednesday, he came over for dinner
and we had a great time playing outside.
Kennedy was stretching as far as she could to reach his hand.
I love this picture. : )

Adelynn was swinging big too!
This little chica has no fear.
This past Wednesday, the girls were loving shoulder rides
and wrestling with their papa.
He is so fun and they adore him!


mustard seed said...

so sweet! I am sure that is medicine for his soul!

Joycee said...

Catching up on my reading, wonderful posts Ashley! Making memories, that's what it's all about. Know you are busy, busy with school and home. Take care sweetie!