How to Make Silhouette Art

Kennedy's Pre-K teacher, made a beautiful silhouette project of Kennedy
for my mother's day present.
I framed it right away and knew I wanted to do one of Adelynn too.
As you can see...it's taken my a LONG time to get 'er done.

1. find or take a picture of your child facing sideways.
2. Measure how large you want the head to be in the frame
and pick a print size option that will fit those measurements.
3. Print it out and carefully trim around the shape
(tip: it's always easier to move the paper hand than the scissor hand)

4. Trace the shape you cut out into a piece of black card stock.

5. Cut that out
(you may have to look at it afterwards and fix little areas.
I exaggerated the cuts around her ponytail & dress ties,
so that it would be easier to see what they were.
6. Make a text box in Microsoft word and adjust the size to match the dimensions of the frame.
(don't take for granted that it's an 8x10. Measure the inside, so that you aren't short).
Pick the verse you want to be at the bottom and the font you'd like as well)
7. Print out your text box on white cardstock and attach your silhouette.
8. Done! Easy as pie and a precious memory of those little profiles. : )
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donella german said...

I have never thought to do a silhouette this way before! Love this idea AND the great instructions.