Knight Going Away Party

The night before my sister had to go back to China,
my dad wanted to take us all out for a little going away party.
We all went to lokomotion (a local fun park).
Kennedy rode her first go cart by herself!
...and drove pretty well for her first time.

Then we all played some serious air hockey. : )
and skee ball of course.

Kennedy and Adelynn were loving the dance game,
so my dad got in there and danced with them (big smile).
So lucky to have a dad that will be silly.
My nephews we big enough to ride the junior go carts by themselves and they were pretty pumped about that. I told them to give me their tough faces and this is what I got. ha!

We had such a great day!
I am going to miss having them around.
We won't get to see them until next year. : (

After we played a littl more, Kennedy and I went to do the big go carts together. She was a little nervous because she thought she was going to have to drive it and she couldn't reach very well.
I reassured her that I would drive (even though truth be told...I could barely reach! ha!). I had to stretch my leg out as far as it would go to push the gas in.
She had a blast and kept yelling, "Go mama Go! Get them!"
It brought back a lot of memories of me driving go carts with my dad.
That was our staple vacation growing up.
We didn't go to many big places.
We would just head to Branson...
Friday night- pizza & all the go carts we could ride.
Saturday- Whitewater all day.
Lots of family time.
Some of my best memories ever. : )