Picnic Fun : )

We got to take the girls to a nearby garden/hiking area the other day.
We have eaten at parks before, at tables, pavilions, etc..
but we have never had an official picnic, basket, ground, and all.
I can't believe we haven't done that before now, but needless to say,
Kennedy was VERY excited to have a "real picnic".
I labeled the sandwiches so that Kennedy could distribute them.
You know how kids love jobs. : )

Then we went for a walk an got this fun picture while we went.

Along the way Kennedy saw a butterfly and I was able to sneak up
and get a really good picture of it.
I loved hearing Kennedy's oohs and ahhs over the butterfly.
When we got home we saw OVER 20 birds all sitting on our fence.
They kept taking turns darting down to our flower beds,
flitting around in the dirt, then they'd fly back up to the fence.
We must have sat in the car for at least 10 minutes just watching them.
We had such a fun day together!
I always love when we actually get to spend a pretty day outside.
It feels like a day not wasted. : )