Quick Basket Makeover

We ran to a thrift store the other day and I came upon this...
I immediately knew that it would be great for our guest bathroom.
We had been using a big basket and everything was always getting
tumpled over...looking messy.
You can't really tell in this picture b/c it's only one towel,
but you can see that everything just lays there.

I took it home, spray painted it with some left over black paint
and we had a new towel/ washcloth basket! Woo hoo!
Nothing too impressive, but I LOVE some good organization!
Especially when it costs a mere $2.

Oh! I also found 2 brand new pink sleeping bags for the girls for only $2.50 each and 3 new shirts for me (2 of which were Banana Republic), also under $3 each!
Love a good deal!

Does anyone know what this type of basket's actual intended use is?


sara @ it's good to be queen said...

aaahhhh you know i LOVE a good thrift store find!!