Feed Millions!

Did you know that 24 cents can provide an entire days worth of nutrition for a starving child? Our school (and anyone else that wants to get involved) is partnering with Feed My Starving Children to try to raise enough money to pack 1,000,000 meals.
Check out this video about it...
The fact that 18,000 children die everyday of malnutrition, is completely unacceptable!
We have quite a bit of money for meals so far, but we still need a lot more. Please think about donating...even if it's just a few dollars. Click on the link, then find the Arkansas event to donate. You can also help when it comes time to pack the meals in February. Wouldn't this be a great way to serve and help others as a family! I know Kennedy will love helping with this!
Scripture is very clear that this is something we are all asked to do. Why are there hungry and starving children in the world? Quite simply because we are not doing what we should be. Research proves it. There are plenty of us, to end this problem. We just need to start loving our neighbor as ourselves. We have a big job to do, but to whom much is given much is required. Let's join together be part of the solution.


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