October in Review

Kennedy and Adelynn sat through their first rainy
(& very cold) football game and didn't even complain.
We had a great time!
Our Community group did a Reverse Trick or Treat
at a local nursing home.
We passed out candy with little notes:
Here they are in their little outfits:
Dasun and I also got to go to a Razorback game
for the first time in at least 7 years!
My dad had a good friend give him a couple of tickets
and he blessed us with them and told us
he would watch the girls.
It was such a fun night and WE WON
which make it even better!
I think I beat Dasun up a little bit b/c I got so excited.
It was a VERY close game!

Earlier in the month Dasun's sister and Brother-in-law
came down to visit and we went to the Needtobreathe concert.
We love them, so that was a huge treat!
More porch Dancing and fun times with Papa.

We celebrated Dasun's 35th birthday!
Got to do a lot of playing outside
in the warmer-than-it-should-be weather
that I loved!
Had some fun Pumpkin-Carving time with Papa
and read the Pumpkin Patch Parable again. : )
Adelynn wasn't sure what to think about the slimy insides.
Kennedy kept saying, "I can do it. I'm brave!"