Tacky Christmas Party

Every year we have a Tacky Christmas Party
with our Community Group and it's always HILARIOUS!
My husband always goes all out...
shaving his face and only leaving a creepy mustache,
parting his hair down the middle,
picking out the WORST outfits.
He always ends up looking like a pedophile. ha!
He cracks me up and grosses me out all at the same time.
Last year he won Tackiest Christmas Outfit hands down,
but this year the competition was STEEP!
Our group rolled out!

Here are some awesome pictures from the night:
yes...that's a women's frilly shirt with a Cousin Eddie Dicky
underneath and leather pants with white patent shoes....
that's real nice Clark!

I tried to up the ante this year too. I found this see through black lace shirt, pointy shoes, and a nice 80's belt at a local thrift store and then I put green battery operated Christmas lights underneath. I also added a gift wrap ribbon to the pony tail on top of my head, and some nice black socks.
Just in case you still can't picture it...
Here's another picture for ya' without the flash.
Here's a picture of the beautiful ladies:
Olivia had crazy make-up, crazy hair,
and even stuffed towels in her backside.
It was hilarious. She won the girls devision. : )

...and these are the hunky men of our lives:
check out AJ in the front and my husband's creepy face
that made it into every picture.

After the Dirty Santa, it was time for

Stack the Tree: stack 28 cups into a tree the fastest.
I won this one, but I was shaking like a leaf
during the whole thing... OH THE PRESSURE!!!
Rudolph: vaseline on your nose, string in your mouth (with pom pom on the end).
Who can get it to stick to their nose the fastest.
Poor Olivia couldn't quit laughing. ha!

Christmas Cookie Face: Try to get it from your forehead to your mouth without touching it.

Breezy Christmas Card: Try to blow the card until it dangles off the side without falling off.

The Nut-Stacker Game: 7 nuts on a candy cane--Try to stack 7 nuts in a minute

Woo hoo! Girls were on a roll!

Ornaments in the balance: The fastest to balance 8 ornaments
Then we finished the night with some Christmas Charades:

Look at the intensity! Our CG doesn't play around! ha!

I love our group.
They are real.
They are fun.
They share life with me good and bad.
We can be cracking up one minute and crying together the next.
That's a rare thing indeed.
(and from the pictures, you can tell that we're classy too). ha!


Karen Akins said...


Joyce said...

Now that's what I call a Christmas Party!

Heidi of Operation Organization said...

that looks so fun! :)

Lisa said...

I am testing the Pom Pom thing and can't get it to stick to Vaseline ... Any tricks on that? I'd really like to do it if I know it'd actually work!

Lisa said...

I've been testing the Pom Pom thing to see if it'd work, and can't get it to stick to the Vaseline even if I drop it right on it. Any tricks on that? I'd love to do it with friends! These are very fun ideas.

TonyE18 said...

If you can't get the pom, pom to stick to the vaseline, how about trying whipped cream or peanut butter on the tip of your nose.