Travel Bingo (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Well, on Thanksgiving we headed out to make the long curvy trip to see Dasun's parents. I sure love being out there, but I am not a big fan of the drive. It's not that long of a drive (although 4 hours seems long when you are driving with kiddos in the car), but it's so windy, that no matter what I try, I get sick every time...and that makes the drive seem pretty long and miserable.

I drove on the way back to try to avoid motion sickness and while we were driving, I started thinking about how fun it would be to have a little game the girls could play on the way. They love looking for certain things. Now that Christmas lights are out, our time in the car consists of Adelynn frantically pointing to any light she sees and saying "Yook, Mommy, Yook!!!" Kennedy loves to point out pretty Christmas lights too, so we have entertainment the whole time.

We also love to hunt for things that are a certain color, or things that rhyme with____, etc...
It seems to make the trip a little shorter and gives us some quality time as well.

I created a little travel bingo for us to use on our trips and made a city version as well.
You can have them color the whole square or just X them off.

I thought I would save them as PDF files so that you can download them for free as well!

1. Just print it out on cardstock and cut out.
2. wrap some string/ yarn around a crayon and add tape around the crayon.

3. Attach the other end to the back of the bingo sheet.
And your done : )

HERE IS THE LINK to the TRAVEL BINGO -city edition
HERE IS THE LINK to the TRAVEL BINGO- rural edition
They also come with directions on how to play
and different ways to play written at the bottom.