January kind of flew by.
We were showing our house constantly
(& we've been trying to sell our house for about 5 years),
so that meant that mom was a little busier trying
to keep the house picked up and ready for showings,
than taking as many pictures as I normally would.
We got an offer and had 30 days to move out and find a new one!

We did fit some fun hikes and memories in though.
In January, Kennedy decided she was ready to ride her bike without training wheels.
After trying it, she changed her mind. : )
(keep in mind that until now, we have lived on a busy street,
so the only time she gets to practice is when we go
to my mom and dad's house or the park.

We also did some soccer lessons
which Kennedy LOVED!
(green neon shirt)

Later in the month, some characters that Kendra Waind and I came up with on the fly, while trying to put together a pep rally skit, had to perform for not only the little pep rally, but also a second separate performance in front of several people that we didn't even know. HA!
I am NOT a performer, so I about threw up when we had to do it in front of our elementary kiddos, much less the larger audience.
At least we just had to be goofy.
I do that really well.
The first time we acted like we were famous basketball divas and demonstrated our various "skills" for the kids.

The 2nd time was for Senior Night and we pretended to misunderstand what they meant by "Senior night," so we dressed up as senior citizens and talked about how important it was to respect your elders...then they corrected us and told us that we were mistaken.
Yes...it was goofy, but hopefully funny and entertaining as well. ha!
and that's about all I got pictures of in January b/c
we were house hunting and packing!