As I said in my January post, we were pretty busy
packing and house hunting in late January-February,
so this was a crazy month as well,
but it was still a great month!

I love to go all out for Valentines.
Not with store bought stuff,
but with fun valentines themed breakfasts and dinners.
This year Kennedy and I made these little
Rainbow heart crayons for her Valentines.
She helped me with every bit of it.
We followed this method, but I will warn you...
it was a PAIN to get the crayon residue
out of the silicone dish. It still doesn't look pretty.
Circles for the boys in my normal muffin tins.
Hearts for the girls in the silicone pan.

Dasun and I have a tradition of celebrating our V-day
a few nights before and then doing a family celebration on the actual day.
This year we went to a super cute restaurant that we had never tried before.
We love going to new restaurants
(especially little hole in the wall places).
It did not disappoint!

Can you see the size of this cake?

It was Lemon cake with Lemon torte in the center
(which is just like lemon cheesecake)...amazing!
and I usually avoid the icing, but I tasted it and even that was delicious!
(and no...Dasun isn't eating with two forks, he's handing me one. ha!)

This is the homemade pizza oven
that baked my delicious pizza.

This is the cute cottagey entrance : )
We will be back!
(If my knee looks swollen...it is...very.
Fun knee troubles again)

The girls helped me make the Valentines dessert. : )

My surprise for them on Valentines morning.
cotton candy, big smarties, and some random pb&j crackers
that Kennedy has been asking for.
Then I painted red hearts on their cheeks
(something my mom always did for me on Valentines day).

& pink strawberry smoothies for breakfast
complete with crazy heart straw.

Dasun did really well! We always keep it simple and write each other a note and do a little something special for each other, keeping it simple but meaningful.
He got me my favorite magazine, some delicioso chocolate,
and wrote me a sweet poem.
He's the only one that can make me crack up and cry in the same poem.
Love this man. : )
Then it was time for Valentines Dinner!
Pink fizzy drinks, pink ranch dressing for our salad,
heart shaped pizzas, and heart shaped mini cakes for dessert!
We had such a fun night together!

A few days later we loaded all of our stuff up,
with the help of my amazing dad and some awesome friends
(The Kemp Family and The Davis Family)!
We truly couldn't have done it without them!
I wish we would have gotten a picture of
their awesomeness in action, but alas, we didn't.

After that we got to do a Feed My Starving Children Food Packing Event.
It was our first time to get to do one and it was so wonderful!
It was so easy and in just one hour we were able to pack 53,352 meals
Pretty unbelievable!
Kennedy got to help too which was so neat.
We did it with the school I teach at and our community group.

don't be jealous of our hair nets!

Please go to fmsc.org to find out more.
There may be one in your area or you can at least donate.
You won't believe how far your money stretches!!