Spring Break Rainy Day Trip

This week is our Spring Break.
We wanted to do some fun things with our girls,
but it has been raining cats and dogs since Monday
and isn't supposed to stop until Thursday.
We decided to head to Branson
and go to an indoor waterpark.
We went to a place called Castlerock and had a blast.

Adelynn was squealing with delight!

Pretty cool for an indoor waterpark!
2 big slides for kids 42" & taller,
a lazy river on the upper level that was really fun,
a pool, and 2 kiddie pools with fun slides.
The girls had a great time & didn't want to leave.

Kennedy went down the biggest slide first thing!
I couldn't believe it!
It was totally closed (dark), long and twisty,
and she did it no problem!
What a little daredevil!

LOVE these cute girls!!!

Then Kennedy picked this place for dinner
and after our bellies were full, we headed home.
Fun day!