How to make a no-sew stick horse

Stick-Horse Supplies:
scrap piece of paper (big enough for an ear)
stiff felt (1 piece)
soft felt (as many pieces as horses you are making)
ribbon (about 45 in./ horse)
socks (kids large)
dowel rods (for the stick)
hot glue
hot glue gun (may want more than 1 if you are making a bunch)
Sharpie marker
lots of sharp scissors (a pair for each child- you can have some of your friends bring a pair or two over so you don't have to buy any extras.

If you are doing this for more than one kiddo, do steps 1-5 beforehand.
I am attaching a picture of more simple directions as well, but I am referring to steps 1-5 of this blog post)
1. cut out paper, leaving a rectangular portion at the bottom to fold back later. I cut half of it, folded it in two, and then cut the other half so they would be perfectly even.

2. Lay the paper on the stiff felt and cut out... then bend the rectangular part at the base (this is the part you will hot glue later).

3. Cut some 12 inch pieces of yarn (this will help secure the sock to the dowel rod)

4. Have you or your hubby cut some knotches in the dowel rods about 6 inches down.

5. Cut 3 peices of ribbon (this will make your briddle)
1- 24 inch, 1- 12 inch, and 1 -8 inch

Then put them in separate baggies so they are easy to locate later. I drew a picture too, b/c I knew I'd have some of the mama's helping and wanted to make it as easy as possible.

On the day of the party:
6. Stuff the socks up to the heel and get them really full.

7. Slide the sock on, hot glue around the knotch and quickly tie it tightly around the knotch with your yarn.
I tied it twice (an adult helps with this part).

8. Then you'll need to pass out the soft black felt and let the kids cut slits into it, leaving an inch at the top, to make the mane. You could do this ahead of time, but I wanted them to be able to do as much as possible.

9. Have an adult help them hot glue the main after they get it cut out.

10. While you are hot gluing, have the child pass you two ears out of the bag, and you can glue those on next.

11. Tie the ribbons to make the bridle (follow the directions on this part).

12. Give them a sharpie and let them decorate the eyes and nose. I loved seeing the different ways they did it. Even if it's sloppy, it's a precious memory. So let them be creative. : )

13. Then, you may want to make initials on the bottoms of the dowel rods to tell them apart later, and....
get ready to GIDDY-UP in the stick horse races!
It was a great little project and party favor all in one and Kennedy LOVED it and that made it even better.
Here's a jpeg of the directions I made for the party. I printed off a few copies so everyone wouldn't have to pass one sheet around.