Race for the Cure 2012

Mr. Joe, Sarah, Mrs. Tish (my mom's best friend), me, Dasun, my Dad,
Kennedy, and Adelynn

I don't know if you can tell, but we aren't even at the back of the line and there are people as far as you can see in front of us...it was packed.

It was an emotional day...
I knew it would be.
I brought sunglasses so I could cry as much as I needed to.
I ended up having to cross the finish line alone...
last year I finished holding my mom's hand.
It was such a stark reminder of her absence,
and I lost it.
I hate crying in front of people, especially ugly crying,
so I tried to find a corner away from as many people as possible.
Hard day.
We had also just finished Easter, Kennedy's birthday,
and her graduation, so I was emotional as it was.
Next up... My mom's birthday on May 9th and Mother's Day.
It's been a jam-packed couple of months,
but God continues to be so faithful...
allowing tears, good friends and family, and even joy.