Trip to Austin

In the middle of April, amidst all the end of school busyness,
and figuring out house/ land stuff,
I got to go see my friend Jessica in Austin, Tx.
I had never been to Austin before and loved it.

We went ate at some amazing trailers that are everywhere.
They are basically little hole in the wall restaurants on wheels.
Fliphappy crepes was probably my favorite!

We had a lot of fun, we kayaked (forgot to take pictures),
ate some more, went to the movies, ate some more,
shopped, ate some more, and even got to lay out by the pool.
This mama hasn't relaxed by a pool in a LONG time.

This is the note Kennedy gave me before I left for my flight.
(I love my mommy. I'll miss my mommy.)
She wanted me to keep it with me
to remind me that she loved me.

After my trip they met me at the airport
and when I got home I found some sweet notes.
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