1 year

August 7th marked 1 year since my mom's passing. My friend's Mitzi and Jenifer refer to it as her "Glory Day," and I think that's as good of a way to put it than anyother. Although it is a day to celebrate her healing, her finally being free from pain, and most of all her being with Jesus, it was also a very hard day...just reliving that day a year ago...the call, the emotions of the day, ...
On top of that, I had teacher-in-service, so I had to hold it together all day (which I failed at the moment a friend hugged me and said she was praying for me).

Vanessa and I talked about what we wanted to do that night.
We wanted to do something that would honor her--something full of joy that involved the girls.
We started making a list of some of her favorite things to do.
1. Playing music in the kitchen and dancing.
2. Making her famous toffee cookies (any kind of baking with the girls- she loved to teach them how to cook).

hee hee...you can tell how gentle & precise Adelynn was being, by the look on Vanessa's face. : )

3. Grilling and eating hamburgers (her favorite meal).

4. Giving the kiddos lawn mower rides : )

5. Dasun even mowed the lawn in her honor. : )
Those of you that know her, know that she's one of the very few people that actually LOVED mowing and working outside.

6. Eating some desert together.

7. and last but not least, sitting on the back porch talking.

I can't believe it's been a year...surreal.

*That same day, my papaw Ken (my mom's dad went into hospice)...
Did I say hard day?
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