12 years!

 We went out to eat at a little restaurant in Eureka Springs and our food was delicious. They have an Indian buffet on the weekends and the owner makes everything from scratch. yum.
 After dinner we went walking around town being super cool and sophisticated as always. : )

Then we went to our hotel, where Dasun realized that he forgot to pack my suitcase. I was okay with just making do, but he insisted on running back to NWA to get my things, so we had a nice long drive back hom and back to Eureka to get lots of conversation in...something we don't get to do often enough at home with 2 little talkative girls around. However, on the way back to Eureka, it was a game of just trying to keep each other talking so we'd stay alert. ha!!!
It was so nice to get away for a little while enjoy each others company and just be silly together.
Happy 12th Anniversary Dase!