Adelynn's 3rd Birthday (en route)

We celebrated Adelynn's birthday while we were still in Florida,
actually the morning before we got on our plane to come back.
Our suit cases had a to weigh a certain ammount and I packed for Kennedy, Adelynn, and I all in one suitcase, so needless to say, their was no room to spare.
Especially since the only thing she asked for on her birthday was a pink cat with pink eyes.
She asked for this specific gift several times, so I went crazy trying to find it and finally found a pink hello kitty at build a bear. My dad got her a little outfit to go with it. We smooshed it as much as we could and we were officially at our limit.
We ran and got some balloons at the store and made her a little sign.

Then we headed out to IHOP, where the girls got to order the silly face pancakes.

Then we sang to Adelynn and had present time. : )

Adelynn is also a little obsessed with Kleenexes and wipees, so Vanessa got her her own Kleenex packs and she did not let them out of her sight for days. ha! Such a funny girl.

She worked so hard getting those pants on her cat.

She was pooped. ha!

What's better than getting up, having a party, eating a yummy breakfast, and then getting to take a nap right afterwards? uhhh...not much. ha!
Then it was off to the plane where she got to sit by the window
and squeal with delight as we took off and as she saw us fly through the clouds. : )
Happy 3rd Birthday sweet sweet hilarious girl!!!