Well, it's only taken me about 3 months to post these pictures!
School started right after we got back and we were still moving in to our rent house, so it's been CR-azy, but I am finally getting it done!

We packed, we weighed suitcases, packed more, weighed again, ....until we reached our very limit.
Since K.K., Adelynn and I were all in one, I had to plan it to a T, so I was the annoyingly over organized mom, but I promise, it was necessary. ha!
We even painted special polka dot piggies for the occasion : )

This was going to be a trip of MANY firsts-
One of which was their first flight!
(looking at the planes)

Kennedy got to sit by the window first.
She was SOOO excited when the plane took off!
I was glad it was loud during take off, because she squealed big time!

We got into Florida and had some dinner and Kennedy wanted me to draw her a castle and insists that I put this in in here. : )

They were really excited about staying at a hotel too.
These girls make life so fun!

The next morning the bus came to our hotel to pick up up and Kennedy said,
"WE GET TO RIDE A BUS TOO!!!!?"...priceless!
Then we drove through the gates to The Magic Kingdom!!!

and hopped on the EURORAIL to take us into the park,
to which Kennedy says, "AND A TRAIN!!!? I didn't know we got to ride a bus and a train too!!"

As soon as we got there a parade started.

Then we got to meet Buzz light year.
Adelynn's first line waiting experience. She didn't understand why we just didn't go up to him .

The girls LOVED all of the princesses...it was so sweet how in awe they were that they were actually meeting them.
Then while we were eating lunch I snapped this picture of my dad and Kennedy watching a little play at the castle. I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip.


We took this next picture as a joke, but we were truly exhausted.
It was a super fun day, but it was also long and hot. Kennedy and Adelynn both fell asleep on the way back. Kennedy was so tired that her head kept "rubber necking" and then she actually fell asleep on a strangers shoulder. It was pretty funny. ha!

We got back to the hotel, let the girls rest for a little bit and
then it was time for a special dinner with just the kiddos and Papa.
The next day we took a break from the heat and headed to
a water park...Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.

It was so neat...sandy beaches, a huge wave pool, tons of water rides, a lazy river, etc...

Nap time : )
She did not want to go down byt the child needed a nap big time.
I laid her in the shade, sat beside her and sang to her until she finally zonked out.

pooped : )

The next day was the Animal Kingdom!

More celebrity sitings : )

Fun rides

A ridiculous Roller Coaster: Expedition Everest.
We all had headaches for the rest of the day after riding it.
I was pretty thankful for my motion sickness medicine about now. ha!

We also go to see some really neat birds, animals, etc...

One of our favorite things was NEMO the Musical.
First of all it was air conditioned, so it was a hit before it even started.
Second of all, it was SPECTACULAR!
Even the Caleb and Luke who were sure it was going to be silly,
left saying, "That was AWESOME!!!"

We had about 30 minutes to wait before it started and my dad and Adelynn both took a little nap. ha!

We also did the Kali River Rapids,
which was another fun way to cool down.

The last thing we went to was the Festival of the Lion King.
It was like a Lion King themed circus...acrobats, stilt walkers, singing...very fun!
The next day we checked out and decided to spend out last two days at a nearby beach.
This was also the girls first time to go to a beach...
I'm telling you. It was a trip of a lifetime! So many memories!
We grabbed something to eat and then went to the famous
Ron Jon's Surf Shop.


Our hotel was great and was located right on the beach. There was also a little fresh water pool area in between, so that was an added bonus (for washing the sand off and just swimming).
First time on a beach!

First time in the ocean!!!

She was a fan : )

Kennedy was too. She was so excited!!!

Later that night we celebrated my sister's Birthday and
she got one of the most amazing meals I have ever seen!

goofy kiddos!
One of Kennedy's favorite things was that our van had a DVD player.
She was so excited to actually watch a movie in the van. : )

Luke made me into a mermaid


As much as I hate to post a picture of me in a swimsuit.
I just love this picture with my dad and my sister.

making sand angels  : )

We went out to dinner to an English Pub restaurant and the English owner was giving our waitress a hard time about her southern accent. We asked her where she was from...from FAYETTEVILLE! Small world!
Later that night, my sister had a great idea to go to a laundromat, so we could do all of our laundry really fast and not have piles and piles when we got home. Yes, we are the super cool girls posing in front of the largest washer we have ever seen (an 80lb washer). I was going to get in, but there were cameras and we were scared. ha! While we were there, we had two drunk and pretty stoned guys come to hit on us. We talked about our kids, our husbands, the fact that we were old ...these guys were not backing down. It was awkward and hilarious at the same time. They finally took the hint and left and we cracked up about the things they sad for the rest of the night. ha!

The next day was Adelynn's birthday!
We had a fancy celebration at IHOP.
The girls got to make happy face pancakes, which were a big hit!
It was one of the easiest and most fun b-days ever.


She only requested 1 thing for her birthday..
"a pink cat with pink eyes"
We kept asking her, thinking she would change her mind...nope.
Try finding that!
After going to Target, Toys-R-Us, Walmart, Kmart, Kohls, etc....
I finally found a pink Hello Kitty at Build-a Bear...woo hoo!
No pink eyes, but I thought that if it was really important to her,
I could use a paint pen to make that happen. ha!

She also is a little obsessed with the little packages of kleenexes, so my sister got her some of those.
She did not let those out of her sight. ha!
My dad got her a little Build-a bear outfit for her cat
and she was very intense about dressing her "Catty."

Then it was off to the airport to head home.

Adelynn's turn to be by the window.
She was so cute...excited squeals when we took off!

...then she broke out the Kleenexes and started cleaning. ha!!!
She is my child. ha!!
We had such an amazing trip together!
What a huge blessing!
Thank you so much Dad!!!