Hardy Visit - Canoes and more!

We recently got to go to Hardy to visit Dasun's parents and see his sister Daspri and her sweet family.
When we got there, we were all pooped from the drive and I told Daspri that I was sad she was tired because Dasun had been really ornery lately and I was hoping she'd take him down a knotch or two while we were there. Keep in mind that she is the youngest of three boys, so she is a survivor. ha!
The next morning, she woke Dasun up with a pile driver and then the battle ensued.
It ended with Dasun being thrown off the bed and hurting his foot.
Daspri is one tough cookie and hilarious as well. ha!

Kennedy wanted to finish him off with a little pillow fight. ha!
No mercy in this family!

The next day, Nana watched the kiddos so we could go canoe the Spring River.

 We had such a great time!

The girls had a great time with their Nana and Pop Pop too : )