Little B-day Project: Chalk Wine Glasses

My best friend Carrie had mentioned before about how fun she thought it would be to get her closest friends together, have them bring their favorite music, eat some good food, and just have a grown-up/ kid-free night together. When her birthday rolled around, her husband Chris and I got started on making that night happen.
It was going to be a surprise and I was in charge of decorations,
so I was trying to think of something I could do for decor
that would also be a fun present to keep.
Enter the chalk wine glasses.
This isn't an original project. I have seen it somewhere before,
but here's the basic run down on how to do it:

1. Tape off the stem (doesn't have to be perfect)

2. Get some Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint
(Much easier than the paint! Because of the thickness,
you get brush marks and drips most of the time)
-Rotate the glass around and do a thin layer.
Scrape it off on the cardboard to make sure there's
no paint on the bottom and sit it out to dry.

3. Take off tape, tie ribbons around the glasses, & get your chalk!

Let your guests write their name on their glasses and no one loses their cup.
I practiced washing these by hand before I made all of them and had no issues at all.
Happy Birthday Carrie!
So thankful for you!