1st Hog Game!

Truth be told, I am a little ashamed that this is about
our girls 1st Razorback football game. Kennedy is 6!
She totally should have been to a
Razorback football game before now.
But alas, tickets are expensive & when someone has given us tickets,
it's been 2 tickets, as a sort of date night for Dasun and I.
I will say that they have been to basketball games before...
just not football.
I hope my die hard Razorback fans aren't too disappointed in me. ha!


Adelynn kept calling the hogs : )

Everytime the fireworks went off, they would be simultaneously scared and elated...happy squeals always followed.

The loved the cheers (KK even did a few of her own).
They loved the songs and dancing.
They loved the marching band.
They loved the big screen.
They loved the cheerleaders.
They loved being able to scream as loud
as they wanted when we scored.
They especially loved the snacks.
It rained and rained hard,
but the girls loved every minute.
They truly didn't complain once.
We had such a great time!
Thanks for the tickets dad!!!