Front Door Makeover

This was our front door...not horrible, but pretty beaten up when you look closely.

I grabbed a wooden TV tray and some yellow spray paint to add a little color, repainted the door black (which I love with tan), added a fun doormat (Target),  a potted plant , and some accessories.
It was all under $20, thanks to my left over paint and cheap finds, but it makes it look so much more welcoming. Now all I need is for you to all come visit me! : )


Liz and Josh said...

I love your new front porch! It looks so welcoming!

Debra said...

It's beautiful!

mustard seed said...

That turned out so cute! My sister recently painted all her interior doors black. It looked amazing!

So fun to make a house your own!


mustard seed said...

So cute! Love all the color. My sister recently painted all her interior doors black and it looks amazing!

Jacqueline said...

I love it! I painted the same type of door (in our last house, the one you visited) black too. I really liked it. Miss you!! xoxo