Our rent house (BEFORE PICTURES)

We sold our house after having it on the market for 5 or 6 years.
We were so excited, but it was a little unexpected when it happened and things moved really quickly.
We had about a 20 day window to find another house before closing.
We couldn't find one.
So my dad offered to let us stay with him for a little while.
We hated to put him out and didn't want to be an imposition, but we didn't have another option.
We thought about renting, but they all came with a 12 month lease and we were not wanting to rent long term. So we put our stuff in a PODS container moved to my dads. We were still having no luck in the house hunting department and started to toy around with the idea of building. After spending a lot of time on that idea, we realized that by the time the plans were in the works, we would be at my dad's for way too long and would also be starting school. I had a sweet parent, from the school I am teaching at, offer to rent us a little 3 bedroom house month to month so that we could have another option. We prayed about it and decided that was the best route to take. We just haven't had a peace about buying or building yet and don't want to do anything until we do. It's also nice to have the time table pressure anymore. If we want to look for a house, we can do so without having to do it by a certain date. If we decide to build, we can do so with out worrying about being a burden to someone. It's just nice to be pressure free for a little while.
The house is a little 1950's house (which I love) and the owners are amazing!
Probably some of the sweetest people I have ever known,
They are letting us update things as we go and that is such a blessing.
The only thing I was worried about as far as renting, is not being able to make it our own.
I am so glad that we have some freedom there.
Here are some before pictures of our house:

The previous tenants had tried to paint and
left paint all over the wood floors!
I can't imagine just leaving something like that. Ugh.
The owners used a little oops and got most of it off.

Don't be jealous of these counters y'all!!!
I'll be posting some makeover shots really soon!!!