Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze Fun

This year the girls got to go to two pumpkin patch/ corn maze events.
We went once with my Kindergarten classes and
then we went to a different place with Kennedy's 1st grade class.
We had a blast at both places!

a corn box (what a great idea!)

Learning about how corn grown and self pollinates.
He also talked about how his corn is genetically modified so that when bugs and crickets land on it, they won't touch it. I couldn't help but think that, as humans, we should be a little smarter than crickets. ha! If they won't eat GMO corn...probably not great for us either. : ) His is mainly grown as animal feed, but again...if we shouldn't eat it, we probably should be feeding it to the animals we will be eating. I'm not a brain surgeon folks. ha!! I just recently started to learn about GMOs, so I thought that was pretty interesting.

We got to see and feed the many animals:
yaks, bulls, chickens, a camels, a mule, a donkey,
a Zonkey, a pony, cows, & even zebus.

On our tractor ride, the chickens starting running toward us because they knew we had food. The girls thought that was hilarious.
Then they gave them tortillas to fee to the cows and they thought their tongues were both hilarious and gross. they were. ha!

This is the next place we went with Kennedy's 1st grade classes.
The Ozark Corn Maze.
They always do an amazing design for their maze.
 Some of K's 1st grade buddies
 The cow train ride
(the wheels are offset so that it bumps up & down as it goes...too cute)

 These girls love each other so much
(Adelynn and her best buddy Mae Mae)
The corn cannon
(Don't worry folks...he has a safety on) ha!
 Our best buddies, the Tuckers.
LOVE this family!