Rent House: Kitchen Counter Makeover

Let's take a look at the counters before:

The previous owner, loved quilting,
so she wanted to tile the counters like a quilt...
gray, black, navy, cream...all different patterns.

I had heard about some tub and tile paint,
and after seeing these counters,
I was dying to give it a try!

It looks like this:


Here I m looking all beautiful in my heavy duty mask (a must).
Don't get too jealous! ha!

The directions (pictured above) are really simple.
Just make sure you are ready to go after mixing.  Have your mask on, gloves on, paint tray ready, alcohol or paint thinner on hand for possible clean-ups, and have plenty of foam rollers (I used about six- 6" rollers), because you want to replace them several times to keep any foam from coming off onto your counter as you roll. You need the foam, but foam also disintegrates quickly when you are using epoxy.
I applied the first coat...already better : )
Wait until it's TOTALLY DRY to apply the next coat (BELIEVE ME).
The other part will come up if you try to rush it.


Second coat (yea!!!!)
A little while later, our dishwasher went out and they had to replace it.
I hated it for them, but I am so thankful for a nice new white washer
that matched the other appliances!

Here's the finished product:

Not perfect, but much cuter than before. : )