Reverse Trick or Treating

Last year, a family in our community group came up with an idea to do a REVERSE trick or treating, in which we would dress up, go to a nursing home, visit with the residents and let them kiddos pass out treats to them. It was such a blessing to our families that we decided to do it again.
I love seeing my children love so effortlessly.
They come in and bring joy by just being who they are...
sharing their candy, giving hugs & smiles without even a thought.
It's no mystery to me, why Jesus had a special place in His heart for children.


This woman can't walk any longer, but she makes the most beautiful quilts!
She's  currently working on a butterfly quilt and is just an adorable person.
 Challenge extended to your sweet families:
Grab some treats (chocolate is best because it's soft enough for them to eat, but be sure to ask the nursing home what they would prefer), let your kids pick out something to dress up in (we don't do Halloween, so they just dug through their dress up box), print off  the little cards (which I am posting below), get out the crayons and let your kiddos color on the backs so that it's more meaningful to them, and head out. : ) I know it's a little awkward for some people...not really knowing what to say or what you might see, but it's really just about treating others the way you want to be treated. Who wouldn't want a little joy in their otherwise mundane and lonely day? I know I would.
It's as simple as that. Loving others.
There's not a wrong way to do it.
The important thing is just going.
Just peek your head in, ask if it's okay to come visit, let them meet you and your children, let the kids give them their notes and treats, ask them about their day or talk about anything you might see in the room, and then thank them for letting you come by.  : )

Here are the cards I used, if you want to use them:


Liz and Josh said...

Oh, I love this idea! We don't do Halloween either, but what a fun way for the kids to dress up and bring fun and a smile to those men & women. We'll have to do this.