Christmas 2012

I love Christmas!
I love all of our special traditions.
I smile just thinking about all of the laughing and fun we have while doing them.Making cookies is one of my absolute favorites! Not only is it fun, but the cookie recipe itself is a tradition. I start drooling just thinking about them. I never make them except for Christmas and my only rule is that I get to eat as many as I want after I make them ha!

I love those little chubby little girl fingers.

Dasun put flour on their noses.

Then we paint the cookies with a special icing that we always use on these cookies.
The more icing you use, the more moist they stay & the better they taste. : )

After cookies, we usually watch the Grinch and then have our candlelight service before bed.
This tradition usually brings tears, but it's also a big favorite.
We each go around the circle telling all of the things we thank the Lord for...the hard things he's helped us through, the happy things as well...I always get a little overwhelmed at His blessings and provision.

I love the the glow of the Christmas lights!
I always hate to take those down.

We usually get the girls 1 gift each, fun things for their stockings, and sometimes a couple of shared gifts that we had been wanting to give them.
Adelynn asked for this piggy bank and only this piggy bank for 4 months. ha!

Kennedy asked for a pogo stick and was SO excited!
I gave her a little scavenger hunt to find it, since she's doing so well at reading. It was so fun! I only put a little present under the tree with a note in it. I worried that she'd be unhappy with the little present because she'd have to know that it wasn't a pop stick. I was all ready to give her a lecture on being thankful, when she said,
"OOH is that adelynn's big present?"
I said, "Yes."
Then Kennedy said, "She's going to be so excited to open her big present and I can't wait to open my little one!!!"

Ohhh how I love that girl's thankful heart!!!

Papa got the girls these fun new tutus...they loved them!

I got the boys these "Bow & Mallows."
They were AWESOME!
We had marshmallow wars and there are probably still marshmallows we haven't found. ha!
Totally worth the mess!

Christmas dinner

My Aunt Debby and Uncle Andy dropped by to bring some gifts.
We enjoyed seeing them so much. : )

I got Dasun this cool new game for Christmas called Suspend.
It was really fun for adults and kids!
Totally recommend it!
Keylor Christmas!
Suspend fun continues!

Our beautiful table!
My mother-in-law is very talented! 

After dinner we had ping pong tournaments.
I have NO skills ha!

Kennedy wanted to learn, so I taught her what little I did know.

We had such a great time. : )