Fun February Events

 Making an herb garden with my girls

Getting ready to pray for the nations!
I wanted to buy the girls a globe so that we can learn about
and pray for the nations.

Our plan is to pick a different nation from our Operation World book each night, find it and pray for them.

Chef Adelynn : )

Kennedy got a BLUE AWARD for outstanding behavior in her class!
We were so proud of her!
We were already proud of her for staying on green everyday...
not an easy task for a very busy active 6 year old!
Her teacher said that she is a leader that leads her friends towards goldy things.
That makes my mama's heart so proud and so thankful for my sweet girl.
We have been praying that she would be strong and
have a compassionate kind heart since before she was born.
He has definitely answered our prayers. : )
We had a big celebration breakfast and she got to pick the menu.

One of their writing assignments : )

We finally got pictures of the matching aprons my mom got us for Christmas two years ago. We have worn them, but she began to do worse soon after we received them, and then we moved and had everything in boxes.

Aren't they sweet?
My Aunt Julie made them
Each one is a little different in size.
Adelynn's is teeny...so cute!
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