Jesse Tree (and DIY materials list)

This year we did the Jesse tree.
My friend Carrie and I stayed up until the wee hours in the morning making our little burlap pocket frames, making the little ornaments, and getting all of the other little details finished.
It was a lot of work , but it was SO worth it.
However, if you are someone that likes to keep it simple, you could get it accomplished with a lot less work. We just knew that it would be something that we could used for a long time. If we want to change the devotions, then all we'll have to do is print them up and switch that part out.
I also knew I could use my little burlap pocket frame year around as an organizer for mail, special cards, etc... which is why it's not super Christmasy.

Both of our girls loved it!
The studies were perfect for their ages (6 and 3).
We looked forward to it every night and actually stuck with it,
despite the busyness...we liked it that much!

What is a Jesse Tree, you ask?
I didn't know either!
The short story is that it's speaking of the line of David.
The branch that sprang  from Jesse. The point is to read scripture
and show how the Old testament points to Christ.
This is the first site I read about it on &
it offers a basic explanation and some ways to get started.

We researched it and the following is what we decided was the best fit for our family:
We used this site for most of our ornaments.
However the devotionals were a little over our girls heads, so we went with these devotionals.
I loved almost all of them, with the exception of one or two (and I would have only changed the discussion question, but you could do that on the fly).

I never let the girls see the ornaments, so they were 
so excited to see what they looked like each night. 
Here's an example of the devotional and the ornament 
that is a symbol for what we talked about that night.

Kennedy is doing really well at reading, so she was thrilled that she got to read some of our scripture passages every night. : )
If you want to make one like this, you'll need:
  • a big old frame (thrift stores are the best for this) ***
  • burlap (or another sturdy fabric of your choice)
  • a yard stick/ pencil (for marking measurements)
  • hot glue/ gun (* patience b/c you'll probably burn yourself a few times)
  • library pockets (any education store should have these)
  • little wooden tags with holes in them (from hobby lobby)
  • skinny ribbon (yarn and twine are too difficult)
  • twine (for the tiny bunting)
  • modge podge for the ornaments (under the picture- like glue & on top)
  • paintbrush that you don't care much about (it's hard to get modge podge out of the brush)
  • primer/ paint for the frame
  • paint for background (optional)
  • a little Christmas tree (again, thrift stores
  • Teeny bunting (for the title)*
*I got the teeny bunting from hobby lobby for about $2, with my 40% off coupon and drew the letters/ tree with a fine point Sharpie
**I also copied and pasted the devotionals into word and made the box small enough to fit inside the library pockets. Again, you don't have to do that. You could just print the devotionals and put them in a folder or read them online and just have the little ornaments in the pockets.
*** I wish we could explain how we did the burlap pocket frames, but we just winged it and since both of our hands were working, we forgot to take pictures. By the way, two sets of hands are needed! I couldn't have done it without her and visa versa.