Kennedy's 1st Dance Recital

We were so happy to find out about the place where Kennedy is taking dance.
She had been asking for a while, but let's face it, extracurricular activities can be a drain on family time and the budget. Not only that, but several of the little dance places have the younger children wearing immodest outfits and dancing to inappropriate songs. This place was super affordable, they had great teachers, and they talk about honoring the Lord in everything you do...win-win-win. : )
Kennedy LOVES it and has done so well.
I have seen her dance before, so I wasn't expecting much on the rhythm side of things, but I was actually taken aback when I saw her dance for the first time. There was such a grace about her and she did so well. I cried. I couldn't help but wish my mom could be there to see it with me. She would have cried right along side me. : )

This is them praying before their first recital.

Her little dance class:(K's the 2nd from the L)

Right before the recital, I kind of panicked because I had forgotten to get her flowers.
This is usually one of the little details my mom would have taken care of. She always made things extra special. I called Dasun and he ran to the store really quickly and found these beautiful flowers. My hero! : ) I just wish you all could have seen the priceless look on her face when we gave them to her! She felt so special! Then when I told her she could keep them, she got even more excited.
Ohhh, I hope my poor already senile brain
can remember these priceless moments. : )

I love this precious girl SO much!!!
She is truly sweet and kind hearted.
She is a ham. : )
She is a rule follower that also loves to question everything.
She is a leader.
She is so fun!
She loves to dance, sing, and be as silly and loud as possible.
She's always ready to help me with anything.
She's a great big sister.
She is a huge gift from my Savior!
He can do amazing things with her little life.
She is a jewel and I am so proud of her!
I try to make sure I tell her that as much as possible. 
But I have yet to do it without crying. : )
Sometimes the Lords goodness just overwhelms me.