Slumber Party by the Christmas Tree

Okay, this is a bit of a strecth, but having a slumber party by the Christmas tree was on our "Winter list of things to do."
Problem: we accidentally put the tree away before we could do it.
We couldn't just get it back out. We had already driven 45 minutes to take everything to storage (since we are still renting).
Solution: Draw a Christmas tree and sleep by that. ha!!!
Improvisation at it's best!
How we did it:
-Clear the floor and vacuum
-Have your kids jump on the couch pillows after you take them off
(the easiest fluffing you'll ever do...& great indoor excersice for kiddos).
-Take advantage of the time and vacuum the couches
-Line the couch cushions up so some of the most comfy floor beds ever!
I slept like a baby!
-Add some pillows and blankets and you're set!
See our little tree? : )
 - Add some sweet girls, some popcorn, and a fun movie and the slumber party is on!

Kennedy made our tree : )
Love it!
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