K's lunch for school : )
(the day before V-day, but the day of her Valentine's party)

Valentine's Day
They requested cereal, so we had pink milk with it.

Heart-shaped quesadillas w/ red salsa : )

One of their little surprises

Adelynn was so proud of her little art work that she did with Mrs. Amy.
She kept saying, "It's for mommy and daddy! I made it wish glue and wish buttons and it's for mommy and daddy!" She's such a sweetheart!

While the girls were napping, I got started on our Valentine's dinner!
We don't have a date night on Valentine's.
We usually go the night before or the night after.
On Valentine's it's a family affair. : )
We usually have salad with pink ranch,  heart shaped pizza or some type of red food, drink pink drinks from fancy glasses, and of course have a chocolate heart cake.
This year I made a new recipe...
Veggie cheese stuffed shells.
They were yummy!

I made the girls little cross stitched gifts this year. I have never cross-stitched before (so please don't inspect my work. ha!),but I love trying new things, especially for my girls...little keepsakes. : )




On Friday, my dad watched the girls so we could have a date night.The girls were so excited to spend the night with their Papa. : )

We went to this restaurant and had the
best chicken quesadillas I've ever had! Seriously yummy!

We had a great time!
Still love this guy a ton after almost 13 years of marriage.
We have bumps in the road like everyone else,
but I feel very very blessed!


Jenny said...

Ashley, the cross-stitches are adorable! I just finished reading through all your new posts, and got choked up several times! You are such a special friend an such an awesome example of a good mom. Love you!!