Some Spring Break Fun

We wrapped up making our coffee table and wanted to do some fun things with the girls during the rest of Spring Break. We took them to their first Chinese restaurant. I can't believe we hadn't taken them before, but we usually just make Chinese at home.
 Kennedy was so excited to eat with her chopsticks. : )

We also took them to the skating rink, which was another first for them.
We had the BEST time!
...until I fell and broke my tailbone. ha!
It was worth it though...truly!

Kennedy even did the limbo! She took to skating so naturally! I couldn't believe how well she did. I am still scared of the limbo and she did well her first time!

The also had these push carts that little ones could use. By the end of the time, Adelynn was doing it by herself (with us just skating behind just in case).

Notice me leaning on one side...yep...I was in pain. Dasun had to help me up and help me into the car.

Note to self: Don't try to stop and turn around abruptly to help your child, you're not talented enough to do it. ha!
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