DIY: Making a Simple Flower Bow

I wanted to make some simple little bows to match their flower girls dresses and thought I'd share what I came up with. They were so easy to make!

1. Heat up your glue gun
2. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon, folding the ends to the center (the length depends on how big you want it)
3. Put a small dot of glue on the end and put them together.

4. Then put a dot in the very center (on the underneath part of the loop and smoosh that together really well.
5. Then stack them on top of each other gluing in the center and pressing really tightly as you go.

Optional: If you want to, you can attach a jewel, button, or other object in the center.

6. Then attach your clip or barrette with hot glue, keeping it open until the hot glue cools.