The Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari

Kennedy wrote a report on the number one place she'd really like to go and in her brainstorming section, she picked a zoo, a circus, and a farm.  This girl LOVES animals.
When a living socials deal opened up for us to take them the the drive through safari, we jumped on it. It was so cool! You literally drive through where the animals are.

This guys got right up next to my window and started rubbing his horns on my mirror. I was a little nervous to say the least, but it was definitely exciting!
Thankfully, he didn't hurt anything. : )

The girls had a blast!

These guys freak me out! I had my head turned to see some deer out Dasun's window and when I turned back around. There was one standing right at my window looking at me. I screamed. ha!!

Seriously, they get SO close to your car! I am not zooming in on this shot.

There were also peacocks everywhere! I was mesmerized by their vivid colors and tried to photograph them a zillion times. A camera just doesn't capture it like the human eye can.

We got to hug and feed kangaroos!

We also got to see a ton of baby animals that had just recently been born... 

We even got to feed and pet the baby giraffes and the baby tigers!