2nd Annual Father's Day Camping Trip & TIPS! (includes a complete list of needed camping supplies)

This tub was one of Dasun's Father's Day presents.
I packed it full of things that we are going to keep packed so that camping will be a lot easier from now on.
Here's a link to the 2 page  CAMPING LIST (& recipe helps) -example below
I made a list because was determined to be more organized this year.
Last year was my first year to be in charge of our trip. My mom has always handled everything and I usually just helped.
Last year, I went off and forgot to pack a spatula, tongs, or even any utensils!
Try cooking bacon and eggs without those things! ha!

This year, since we had electricity at our site.
I brought my electric skillet instead of the camping stove and it was awesome!
I cut up and packed meals in baggies before we left...about 10-15 minutes of prep saved me from having to do any during our camping trip and our food was YUMMY!

I also bought a tub to pack everything in, that could also be used as the dish washing bin.

Adelynn LOVES rocks!

So much easier with tongs and a spatula! HA!

We went on a horrible hike....every few seconds we bent down and picked off about 5 ticks or more each...no exaggeration...promise.

Kennedy got to help start the fire for the 1st time.

This amazing creek had horses on the nearby shore and was so fun to play in.
What a beautiful place!

More rock treasures were found : )

 Kennedy was so proud to be able to climb up this pole all by herself. : )

Click on this link to view the 2 page document.
Page 1: The list (yellow things stay packed so that packing is super easy.)
Page 2: Camping recipes