Finished Coffee Table!!!

I shared with you a while back the over Spring Break, that Dasun and I embarked on making a coffee table. I saw three designs online. One from Restoration hardware$1000), one from pottery barn ($900), and one set of plans that I thought I could tweak to get pretty close to what I wanted to make.

First you need to know that, though I do love to be crafty and creative,
Dasun and I have NO experience with building things,
SO, if we can figure it out, y'all probably can too. : )

I will say that our friends the DeJarnatts let us borrow their Kreg Jig and we couldn't have made it without that. It was awesome and is on our list of things to buy when we save up a little more mullah.

I had a basic plan, but started to notice inconsistencies in it, so we had to think things out before starting.  Then I drew out a basic design that I thought would mimic my online inspiration the best
We just left it the way it was for a while until I decided on the right color.
I searched through a zillion pictures and tutorials and then landed on this beauty on ourvintagehomelove. It was love at first sight and time to get started!

The Process:
1. I sanded the top down for about 12 hours...yep...12...I was feeling that the next day, but I wanted it to be as smooth across the top as possible because it will be used for lots of homework, coloring, etc...
2. Next, I wiped it off and brushed on some stain, and then wiped it off right afterwards so it wouldn't be too dark. I just wanted it to look aged..

3. I took my sander and rounded all of the edges and weathered the top, paying special attention to do each edge of each board, then going all over the top once more until I liked it.

4. Then I rubbed some finishing wax paste all over the top, let it dry for about 15 minutes and then buffed it out with a clean dry cloth. It was buttery smooth!

5. Next, I brought it inside to paint it with a low-voc paint+primer white paint. I did it during the girls' nap, so they'd be far away from it. I also left the door and windows open just to be extra safe.
6. After it dried thoroughly, I took my sander and distressed the edges a little.

7. Then the exciting part...attaching the hardware!!!!
I could see the end in sight!

All in all it cost a little over $100, so even though it was a lot of work,
we saved about $800-900 dollars by doing it ourselves.
Not to mention that we love it even more because we have the memories of making it together.
Yea! I get happy every time I look at it!


Jenny said...

Awesome! I love it!!

Jacqueline Presley said...

This turned out so awesome!

Sara Neufeld said...

I cannot believe y'all built that thing yourselves! Amazzzzing and gorgeous!!!