Lady Day : )

When we made our Summer Fun list this year, Kennedy wanted me to add "learn how to be a lady" onto our list. How cute is that!?
I bought a Livingsocial coupon for one of my favorite places...The Crumpet Tearoom and got ready to surprise the girls. We put on dresses and went to the special place where we had to act like ladies for a special lunch and a few "lady lessons." We had a great time, kept our elbows off the table, sipped our drinks like ladies, took smaller bites (a challenge in our household where for some reason my girls like to see how much they can fit in there at a time. ha!), and of course clinked our glasses. : )
Sweet memories...
and ohhhh the orange rolls....drool.
I wish it was the same little quaint place it used to be with mismatched table cloths, chairs, and tea cups, but it was special nonetheless.
Mimi would have loved every minute of it.
The Crumpet was our special place when we were growing up.
Miss her so much.

Last summer we never got to check off catching lightning bugs. We couldn't find any all summer. Apparently there was a shortage. We added it again this summer and even took jars on our camping trip thinking we would surely see some there, but no luck.
Later that night, after our lady day, we headed over to my dad's house.
On the way, while driving past the golf course, I saw a ton of lightning bugs!
I pulled the car over, found a clear cup that was in my car and decided to seize the moment!
I was secretly hoping that the country club people wouldn't mind us running around once they saw my happy girls faces. ha!

Thank you Kum & Go for using clear cups. ha!!!
Not the traditional jar, but it worked perfectly and made our night!

Catch lightning bugs...check